CNN Host DESTROYS Rudy Giuliani’s Fact-Free Claim About Democrats ‘Rigging’ Elections (VIDEO)

The Trump campaign would be wise to tell Rudy Giuliani to just shut up already. The former mayor has been out on the campaign trail as a Trump surrogate for weeks, and his appearances on various media forums have been a series of disasters. One of the latest occurred on Sunday morning when the “mayor of 9/11” visited CNN’s State Of the Union.

The topic was Trump’s excuse for his impending loss: that the election is going to be “rigged.” Host Jake Tapper starts the dialog by asking Giuliani about Trump’s call for his followers to monitor the polls. Tapper wants to know whether Trump is saying there will be massive fraud on election day.

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Giuliani brushes aside the suggestion that there will be nationwide fraud, responding that there are “a few places — not many in the swing states — where they are notorious for stealing votes.”

One of those places is Philadelphia, where Giuliani thinks there is a huge issue with voter fraud. He claims, without any evidence, that Philadelphia politicians bus people in from Camden, New Jersey, just across the Delaware River from the city, to vote. From there he moves on to say that when he ran for mayor of New York, “some people voted eight, ten times.” He says he solved the problem by stationing police and firefighters outside polling places.

“The second time [I ran for mayor] I had firefighters and police officers outside, checking on the buses. So we’d take down the number of the bus — the bus that voted ten times — then we wouldn’t let the bus vote again.”

He follows that statement by bringing up the old saw about dead people voting, saying, “I’m sorry, dead people generally vote for Democrats, rather than Republicans.”

Host Jake Tapper, who has listened to Giuliani’s rant with a look of profound skepticism on his face, asks the mayor to clarify whether or not Trump is actually saying that the election is going to be stolen from him. Giuliani returns to his examples of Philadelphia and Chicago, where, he says the vote will not be fair. Tapper at that point seems to be tired of the nonsense.

In 2012 there was an uproar among some Republicans because in certain areas of Philadelphia Mitt Romney received exactly zero votes. Tapper tells Giuliani,

“The Republican party of Philadelphia would disagree with you. They looked into the allegations from 2012 and they said there was nothing irregular with what happened there.”

But Giuliani is adamant. He knows cheating goes on because “they,” presumably meaning Democrats, “control the polling places in these areas. There are no Republicans.” Except that there are. Polling places are required to have representatives of each political party present. And Pennsylvania law expressly permits candidates to send poll watchers to any and all voting locations. So if Trump thinks there will be issues in Philly, he has the right to designate poll watchers to monitor the locations he is concerned about.

After some more babble about dead people voting, Tapper is ready to wrap up the segment. He asks Giuliani to clarify that he is saying only Democrats cheat in elections. The mayor replies,

“I’ve found very few situations where Republicans cheat. They don’t control the inner cities the way Democrats do.”

And there is the heart of the matter. It’s not that all Democrats cheat, it’s those pesky “inner city” (read “minority”) Democrats. You know, the ones who have almost totally rejected Donald Trump.

Giuliani would be well advised to read a series of tweets from Ashby Law. Those tweets, posted on Saturday, destroy any suggestion that the upcoming election will be rigged. You can read them here.

Here is the most recent bit of psychobabble from the man who proclaimed himself “America’s Mayor,” via CNN:

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