CNN Host Calls Trump’s Campaign Chair A Liar To His Face (VIDEO)

CNN is treading dangerously close to proctoring journalism on a regular basis. If they keep this up, people might start being informed about the facts!

Sunday morning, Trump’s campaign chair, Paul Manafort, was on Jake Tapper’s State of the Union trying really REALLY hard to salvage another phenomenally bad week for his candidate after Trump’s “Second Amendment people” comments. Since that’s pretty much impossible, Manafort went with that oldie-but-goodie: Blame the filthy liberal media for, I kid you not, “misinterpreting” Trump’s comments.

After Tapper pointed out that even other Republicans were unhappy with Trump’s eliminationist rhetoric, Manafort whined:

The point is most people did not interpret it that way,” Manafort insisted. “It was not at all meant to be a threat. But the point again is you could have covered what he was saying or you could try and take an aside and take the Clinton narrative and play it out. You chose to do that instead.

First off, yes, most people DID interpret it that way. Second, Tapper wasn’t having any of Manafort’s “liberal media bias” crap:

As a factual matter,” Tapper interrupted, “on Monday, my show covered Mr. Trump’s speech. Okay? We did. We covered Mr. Trump’s speech. And we did cover those Hillary Clinton emails.”

“So, these things,” the CNN host said, “just because you say them, they’re not true. I mean, we have been covering the substance. We have been covering things that are bad [for] Hillary Clinton.

Once upon a time, it was nigh-verboten for a cable news host to call a guest a liar to their face (except Fox News, and only when the guest was telling an inconvenient truth). The right wing spent decades cowing the media into submission and made them afraid to actually report facts. But once upon a time before that, it was considered journalistic malpractice to NOT call out a lie.

With the overwhelming amount of lies the Trump campaign has been peddling, however, the filthy liberal media has started to act like journalists again, much to the disadvantage of Donald Trump. One can only hope that after Donald Trump is a distant and unpleasant memory, reporters and cable news hosts will remember that their job is to present the facts, not just present a “he said/she said” fiction.

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