CNN Guest: Removing Confederate Flag Would Be ‘Cultural Genocide’ Against White People (VIDEO)

There’s nothing like a controversy involving symbols of the south to bring the real nut jobs out of the woodwork. One of those nut jobs, Pat Hines, joined CNN’s  Don Lemon on June 22 to offer his perspective on the Confederate flag.

Hines is the South Carolina chairman of the neo-Confederate group League of the South. The Southern Poverty Law Center identifies the group as an “extremist” group that advocates for “a second Southern secession and a society dominated by ‘European Americans.'”

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The conversation starts with Hines making the ridiculous claim that his ancestors “fought to stop an invasion of South Carolina by the United States.” Apparently he missed the part where some of those ancestors signed the constitution that made South Carolina part of the United States. You might think that’s a crazy statement, but it gets even crazier.

Hines babbles something about a church that was burned, first during the American Revolution, then later by Union troops. He says that Governor Haley is “honoring those people that burned that church.” Well, it was a war, after all, and one his state started, at that. Things get burned and destroyed in war.

After Lemon talks to state Senator Marlon Kimson, who observes that the Confederate flag belongs in a museum, Hines says that he doesn’t understand why the American flag flies over the capitol building in South Carolina. His rationale is that the South Carolina flag doesn’t fly at post offices and military bases, so why should the U.S. flag fly over a building belonging to South Carolina government? He was apparently asleep during his high school civics class.

The state flag flies under the national flag to denote that South Carolina is part of the United States. The state flag doesn’t fly at federal facilities because those places belong not just to the people of South Carolina, but to all Americans. Hines seems to think that it is a great affront to South Carolina to have the state flag flying under the American flag, but the federal and state flags are flown that way in 49 other states, too.

Lemon points out to Hines that “it’s one country.” Hines starts to respond. “No, actually, no,” he says. But unfortunately, Lemon cuts him off.

Hines isn’t finished yet. When Lemon returns to him, Hines says that he doesn’t understand why Senator Kimson is “moving to do cultural genocide on the southern men and women.” He doesn’t say white southern men and women. But given that polls show that most black Americans consider the flag is a symbol of racism, Hines certainly isn’t talking about them.

In case you still don’t believe that such idiots exist, here are Pat Hines’ remarks, via :

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