CNN Guest Gets P*SSED, Schools Trump Talking Head On The Real Issues (VIDEO)

The one excellent thing about independent media is that they do not have to answer to anyone but their viewers. This has never been more apparent than in this clip from CNN, where Anna Kasparian of The Young Turks completely wrecks both CNN’s reality-free journalism and a Donald Trump advocate.

The question was asking if mainstream media is just simply out of touch with people, due to the fact that Trump and Bernie Sanders are so inexplicably popular by tapping into the discontent in the country, while media outlets are consistently at a loss to explain why.

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Anna very correctly pointed out that mainstream media has intentionally checked out on actual journalism, due to the fact that corporate sponsors are the ones keeping the mainstream media outlets in business. When corporations pay your check, you simply cover what they tell you to cover – or perhaps, more accurately, what they do not forbid you from covering.

The Trump buffoon tried to disagree, but it literally sounded like she was cluelessly reading from a cue card. Not a lot of surprises there. It had to be disconcerting for CNN to get called out so harshly by one of their own guests, and it had to be especially embarrassing since it was over their lack of journalism.

Watch Anna make the best case ever against corporately owned media below:

featured image via video screen capture

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