CNN Guest Defends Trump By Quoting MLK To Black Panelist, Gets Smacked Down (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton delivered a speech on Thursday that may be her most epic takedown of Donald Trump yet when she outed him once and for all for the bigot that he truly is.

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During a CNN panel discussion after the speech, Kayleigh McEnany did her best to defend Trump but the panelists weren’t having it. Things got significantly worse when McEnany called Hillary Clinton “divisive” and decided to quote Martin Luther King.

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“It does nothing to bring us together. Like Martin Luther King said, ‘we have to learn to live together as brothers, or we will perish together as fools.’ Hillary Clinton’s speech did nothing to help us live together as one united country.”

Democratic strategist Symone Sanders was clearly disgusted and Guy Cecil, who runs a pro-Clinton super-PAC, quickly condemned McEnany’s choice of words.

“I always enjoy when a Trump supporter wants to ignore his record and then quote Martin Luther King,” he said. “Martin Luther King would not have kicked African-Americans off of a casino floor because a gambler wanted him to.”

“Martin Luther King would never have put a ‘C’ on the top of rental applications and prevented African-Americans from renting from him.”

“Martin Luther King would not have sat on the stage and ridiculed and demeaned Muslims,” said Cecil. “He would not have insulted a Hispanic judge who was born in America who just happened to be of Mexican heritage. The idea that Donald Trump should get pats on the back because he sat on a table with six African-Americans –”

McEnany kept trying to interject saying things like, “That was never proven,” and finally visibly flustered, she said, “This is so unproductive! This is what’s wrong with this election.” But Cecil ignored her and ended the discussion with statistics McEnany couldn’t argue:

“Sixty percent of Americans believe that Donald Trump traffics in bigotry, and a majority of independent voters said the same.”

Watch the full discussion here:

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