Watch CNN Accidentally Be Journalists And Finally Nail Trump With One Simple Question (VIDEO)

One truly ugly trend in this year’s amazingly messed up presidential election has been the mainstream media’s complete and utter lack of fair and honest reporting. While Senator Bernie Sanders attracted thousands of people to his rallies, CNN preferred you’d see every single mouth fart Trump made. And now that Trump has finally secured the GOP nomination, one can expect the 24-hour Trump reality tv show to continue uninterrupted. Only something truly bizarre happened: CNN actually did its job and pressed Donald Trump on the issues.

Since CNN loves covering massive disasters, it’s only natural that it would gravitate towards non-stop coverage of Trump. Perhaps finally getting the memo that they are a news organization, CNN’s Chris Cuomo recently confronted Donald Trump on his seemingly ending barrage of non-answers and trucker hat quotes. The question that was asked was simple but necessary.

Watch the entire exchange below:

Featured image via screen capture

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