Clueless Young Pompous Conservative Speaker ACCIDENTALLY Makes Awesome Case For Socialism (VIDEO)

Conservative activist Charlie Kirk was giving a speech on Saturday during the second day of the Western Conservative Summit in Denver, Colorado.

During his speech, he singled out young followers of Bernie Sanders, who is a self-described “Democratic Socialist.” He told the crowd that the fight of capitalism versus socialism is equalizing to the “fight over freedom versus slavery.”

Okay, whenever conservatives use slavery in any context, things usually start going downhill from there, and this was no exception.

Kirk said that it was “dreadfully ironic,” (who the hell says things like that?) how the ignorance of young Sanders supporters manifests itself. He opined:

Never before in human history has a cohort of a generation so shamelessly enjoyed the fruits of the free market, while simultaneously using those devices to bash it. And so you have young folks who are at Bernie Sanders rallies, you know, ‘Socialism! This is what democracy looks like!’ and then they turn around and ‘Hey, do you want to take an Uber to go to Starbucks, and let’s watch Netflix later, and hey, tweet about that too. And I just can’t stand this capitalism thing! It’s just, so bad! I can’t believe my Amazon Prime didn’t come in 24 hours or less.’

Who are these people? Because they’ve never been taught what a free market really is.

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However, what Kirk failed to realize was that he ironically wound up validating the importance of socialism within his precious and holy “free markets.”

For example, Kirk used Uber and Twitter as two examples of how much the “free markets” have improved our lives. What he failed to explain, was that both companies rely on the internet to work. And who invented the internet? No, it wasn’t Al Gore, but nice try.

U.S. government researchers invented the internet. Without that research, there would be no internet, and therefore Uber and Twitter would not exist.

Kirk also mentioned Starbucks. To the best of my knowledge, every brick and mortar business relies on publically funded roads to deliver building materials. And many Starbucks probably use publically subsidized utilities for the water and electricity needed to make their coffee. It’s also highly likely that Gordon Bowker, Zev Siegl, and Jerry Baldwin all used public libraries at some point to help them in their business studies.

And what about Amazon and Netflix? Both companies depend on a model of commerce created and controlled by the government that we call the United States Postal Service. In fact, when the Post Office tried to raise rates on Netflix DVDs, it wasn’t the “free market” that slapped them down, it was the federal government.

In fact without all of the government-funded services that America takes for granted, the free markets would not be able to function.

It was also funny listening to how Kirk addressed fellow “young folks,” it was almost like watching this scene from 30 Rock.

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Keep up the great work conservatives.

Featured image via YouTube screen capture

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