Clueless Female CEO Says A Woman Should Not Be President (VIDEO)

What should we make of a woman who believes she is capable of running her own company, but that a woman is not capable of running the country? That’s the question that many are pondering, after a Texas CEO’s Facebook post.

Dallas resident Cheryl Rios, who runs a company called “Go Ape Marketing,” has created quite a stir with a Facebook post about why she thinks a woman should not be president. Rios’s page is not public, but Dallas station KTVT featured the post as part of their coverage.

A Dallas woman says on Facebook that a woman should not be president

Screen shot from KTVT


The post is filled with such nonsense that Rios has attracted nationwide attention. It’s obvious that she’s not a fan of Hillary Clinton. And that’s fine. But then she expands her belief that Hillary isn’t right to be president, into a belief that ALL women aren’t right to be president. Kind of a strange opinion for a woman who runs her own company.

Rios seems to think that the only duty of a president is to start wars. If you take her post at face value, that is the one and only reason why she seems to think that women shouldn’t be president. But, there’s more. Would it surprise you to learn that Rios’s opinion comes from the Bible?

Rios tells reporter Steve Pickett, “There’s an old-fashioned, Biblical, sound reasoning in my mind, of why a woman should not be president.” That reason, she explains, is that men and women are “built differently,” with “different hormones.”

One of Rios’s own clients, Rick Fairless, who runs one of the manliest of manly endeavors, a motorcycle shop, disagrees with Rios. He tells Pickett, “I can’t comprehend someone who thinks a woman can’t do anything a man can do. They can. I promise you they can.”

It is interesting that Rios says in her post that she is moving to Canada if a woman (read Hillary Clinton) becomes president. Canada is light years ahead of the U.S. when it comes to women leaders. Kim Campbell became the first female prime minister of Canada in June, 1993.

Here’s a report on Rios’s ridiculous comment, via KTVT:

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