Clinton Wins Big In South Carolina Thanks To MASSIVE African-American Turnout

Calling it a “resounding win,” Hillary Clinton has officially won the South Carolina primaries, a state she was heavily favored in throughout the campaign against Senator Bernie Sanders. With 84 percent reporting, Clinton takes a commanding lead of 74-26 percent.

Exit poll analysis from ABC News showed that African-American voters accounted for 61 percent of the electorate (larger than the 2008 primary) compared to 35 percent white, 2 percent Hispanic and one percent Asian. Clinton owes her landslide victory to the black community, 87-13 percent, a demographic she has a commanding lead over nationally compared to Sanders. Attributing to Clinton’s victory among black voters was race relations. As ABC reports:

Blacks overwhelmingly saw Clinton as the trustworthy candidate, Sanders not. And while 87 percent of blacks said they trusted Clinton to handle race relations, just half, 52 percent, trusted Sanders on this issue.

Another demographic key to Clinton’s win was women, where Clinton garnered 74 percent of the vote compared to Sanders’ 26 percent.

Exit polls also showed that a whopping 70 percent of South Carolina voters want to continue the same policies as President Obama, whereas 19 percent responded that they favored more liberal policies and 7 percent said they would like to see more conservative policies put in place.

When asked which qualities voters look for in a candidate, 31 percent responded that they look for a candidate that “Cares about people like me,” and 28 percent responded honesty and trustworthiness and has the right experience. Eleven percent touted electability in November.

South Carolina has also seen a record voter registration primary turnout, overtaking 2012’s numbers, another factor that played into Clinton’s big win.

Clinton, in her victory speech, thanked South Carolina’s “mayors, pastors, workers and volunteers” for their hard work, and riled up the audience when announcing that they’re now taking their campaign national, alluding to Super Tuesday. She also congratulated Sanders on a “great race,” and issued a special thank you to Democratic Congressman Jim Clyburn, the only Democrat in South Carolina’s Congressional delegation.

Clinton also took a swipe at GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, saying, “We don’t need to make America great again. Despite what you hear, America has never stopped being great.” Adding: “We don’t need to put up walls, we need to tear down barriers.”

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