Clinton Slams GOP Debate, Says ‘You’d Have Been Better Off Watching The World Series’

Last night, the Theater of the Absurd currently passing itself off as a Republican primary once again had the limelight, and once again made themselves look like fools.

Today, the postmortem began. And while most conservatives were blaming the “liberal” media, those of us in touch with the real world realized what happened and what went wrong last night: the Republicans are fundamentally insane.

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One probably would’ve been better off watching something else — at least, according to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who told a town hall audience on Thursday that they would’ve been better off watching the World Series instead of the third GOP debate.

“A swing and a miss”

Without Benghazi to rail on about, the GOP was forced to talk about real issues that matter. The results of that weren’t pretty — but then, deliberate character assassination rarely is.

And while there’s been criticism leveled at the moderators of the debate, the truly epic moments came from the rodeo clowns themselves.

For instance, the first question of the debate was actually one of the most dreaded questions that someone looking for a job can be asked during an interview: “what’s your greatest weakness?” Now, having been on hiring side of the interview process, when someone asks you this question, they don’t care about your weakness. The focus of the question is what you’re doing to overcome that weakness, and that you acknowledge there are places for you to improve.

This is especially true for companies that have a near sexual fetish for “continuous quality improvement,” corpspeak for, “this was a horrible idea and the implementation was terrible, so let’s groupthink our way into an even worse solution next quarter.”

That’s why Huckabee’s answer, “I have no weakness I can think of“, or Carly’s answer, “I don’t smile enough,” is unacceptable. Either of those answers would earn a prospective job candidate a near automatic rejection.

Carly had other moments of the night, as well: her tax plan was delusional. Hell, Carly herself was delusional.

We also learned that Carson seems to have an, um, an, uh, a problem with, uh, stuttering when he, uh, he gets fact checked and that Rubio is also delusional.

About the only good thing to come out of the debate was Trump being ignored.

In short, it was the type of disaster that we’ve come to expect from the GOP.

Hillary Clinton made note of that Thursday when she was speaking at a town hall meeting, telling the audience they would’ve been better off watching the World Series:

You would have been better off watching the World Series. The debate was a swing and a miss.

She added:

I heard a lot of insults, and a lot of back and forth between the various candidates.

That’s because insults are all they have left, now that they don’t have a leg to stand on regarding Benghazi.

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