Clinton Scorches Trump With Amazing Bankruptcy Zinger, Sends Trump Into Rage Spiral

One of the most oft-repeated refrains by Trump is that he’s a a fantastic business man. He’s used that myth as the number one selling point of his campaign. He’ll make America rich like he made himself rich. Now, leaving aside that this just isn’t true for a number of reasons, anyone interested can open their eyes and see he’s got more bankruptcies than Zsa Zsa Gabor has marriages.

And Clinton used this fact to hammer Trump during her campaign speech on Tuesday.

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Con Man

Trump is the car that’s all revved up with nowhere to go. Having amped the rhetoric as high as it can go during the primary, Trump can’t take it any higher, and now that Clinton’s in the race, all she has to do is provoke him into overreacting thanks to his incredibly thin skin.

And each reaction proves her insult right.

She’s done this a couple of times now, but during a campaign speech on Tuesday, Clinton landed a truly epic blow.

While arguing that Trump defrauded customers and failed to pay contractors, she noted, “The same people he’s trying to get to vote for him now are people he’s been exploiting for years.”

She pointed out the failure of Trump University, and how he’s currently being sued for fraud, and then turned her attention to his bankruptcies:

He’s written a lot of books about his businesses. They all seem to end on chapter 11.

That’ll leave a mark.

Sam Firzell tweeted the remark:

Predictably, Trump absolutely lost his mind. He quickly grabbed his phone and began ranting about how he is the “king of debt” and screaming about Benghazi. It was painful to watch – but so very telling.

Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

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