Clinton Mocks GOP: My Pneumonia FINALLY Got Them Interested In Women’s Health (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton, looking healthy, refreshed and recovered from her bout of pneumonia, mocked the GOP for their deep interest (and conspiracy theory doomsaying) regarding her health. She joked that at least her Pneumonia had gotten some right wingers interested in women’s health.

While addressing the crowd at the Black Women’s Agenda’s annual workshop and luncheon, Clinton remarked:

“As the world knows, I was a little under the weather recently. The good news is, my pneumonia finally got some Republicans interested in women’s health.”

Her comments centered on her choice to push through her illness, despite a doctor’s order to rest. Just like every other one of us with obligations, work, and home, she had to push through. And like many of us have learned, while we must sometimes push through, the flesh sometimes just won’t keep up.

That makes us human, even while being a woman sometimes calls for us to be super-human.

Hillary Clinton has dealt with rumors about her husband, marriage, family, even her hairstyles, and yes, her health through her entire adult life. Everything that the conservative rumor mill could get their hands on to besmirch a woman in politics. She has always done so with grace and humor but has never backed down or allowed them to silence her.

Clinton’s remark highlights another issue well. If you care about women’s health you can not in good conscience vote Republican, because they only care about “women’s health” when it may benefit them politically, by damaging a female opponent.

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