Clinton Makes Ending Racial Inequality Her Presidential ‘Mission,’ Pledges $20 Billion To End It (VIDEO)

When it comes to ending racial inequality, Hillary Clinton isn’t messing around. On a trip to Harlem ahead of the South Carolina primaries, Clinton told a group of influential African-American leaders and legislators which included Al Sharpton and Eric Holder that ending racial inequalities would be the “mission” of her presidency.

Clinton’s plans include, not surprisingly, reforming the current criminal justice system, support for black homeowners, and a massive $20 billion package to startup job creation for youth and young minority groups. Currently, nearly 40 percent of black youth between the ages of 17 and 20 are unemployed. Some statistics have it as high as 51 percent.

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At the meeting in Harlem, Clinton promised to devote every day of her presidency to combating the racial issues:

We have to demonstrate a sustained commitment to building opportunity, creating prosperity and writing wrongs, not just every two or four years, not just when the cameras are on and people are watching but every single day.

Within Clinton’s $20 billion pledge to end systemic racism includes $2 billion to fight the “school-to-prison pipeline,” which, on her website, says:

In too many communities, student discipline is overly harsh, with too large an emphasis on suspension, expulsion, or even police involvement—disproportionately impacting students of color and those with the greatest economic, social, and academic needs. Hillary will work to dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline by providing $2 billion in support to schools to reform overly punitive disciplinary policies, calling on states to reform school disturbance laws, and encouraging states to use federal education funding to implement social and emotional support interventions.

Clinton’s plans are impressive, and seem to be resonating amongst South Carolina voters.

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