Clinton Campaign Lawyer Just Leveled Trump With A Truth Bomb About His Idiotic Voter Fraud Outburst

Donald Trump’s moronic rant against a possible recount from Green Party candidate Jill Stein reached its inevitable conclusion: With Trump being humiliated by Clinton’s campaign lawyer.

Trump spent the morning whining about Democrats calling for an election audit and the evening suggesting – without a shred of evidence – that the popular vote, which he lost by an estimated 2.7 million ballots, was stolen from him by “illegal voters” in Virginia, New Hampshire, and California.

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Naturally, the only states in which Trump claims there was fraud are places he lost.

Trump, the future president, got this information from a writer who goes by “Prison Planet” on a right-wing conspiracy site called InfoWars, which in turned based their claims on two tweets by a random Twitter user who, himself, offered no proof. Trump, once again, fell for a fake news story written by a right-wing professional liar.

Trump’s night was about to get worse.

Clinton campaign lawyer Marc Elias was fed up with the nonsense being slung at Clinton both by Trump and the media, and decided to speak out. No, Clinton wasn’t alleging voter fraud. No, she didn’t organize an election recount in several battleground states – that was Jill Stein. Yes, Trump is an absolute moron who just managed to punch himself directly in his own face.

Elias got to the heart of the insanity of Trump’s tweets: Donald Trump is furious that Democrats would want a recount in some states, while also openly stating that he believes there are millions of examples of voter fraud, something that would demand a recount and a serious look at the election results.

Trump’s voter fraud meltdown is a powerful reminder that if the election had gone slightly differently, we would now be in our third week of Trump refusing to concede. Having spent the months leading up to the election suggesting he would not accept the results, it’s now clear that even in victory Trump refuses to believe tens of millions of Americans went to the voting booth and told him to shove it. The idea that he lost the popular vote infuriates him and we are left with an incoherent manbaby about to assume office.

But as Elias suggests, the twisted irony in all of this is that Trump seems to be the one who now is promoting the idea that this election was not clean. His own tantrum may be the thing that knocks down the whole house of cards. It would certainly be poetic justice.

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