Michelle Obama Takes Not-So-Subtle Dig At Melania On Colbert (VIDEO)

First Lady, Michelle Obama was very clear when she said that she has no sympathy for political spouses who have to “go along” with what their spouse says on the national stage. Apparently, she has higher standards for herself than those that would allow her to just “go along with” anything. That is part of the reason that she is so widely loved and respected.

“You have to be in it if you’re in it. If you don’t agree, you should’ve agreed before they ran. You know, I mean, bottom line is: If I didn’t agree with what Barack was saying, I would not support his run. So I stand there proudly, and I hope they are too—standing with their spouses proudly. So no sympathy.”

First Ladies of the United States have been, in general, highly respected women, if not “well behaved” (Such as the shockingly feminist behavior of Elenor Roosevelt only speaking to women reporters). First Lady Obama is no different (except for the color of her skin), yet has been maligned from day one for everything from her choice of sleeve length to her healthy physique.

Obama has been a tireless supporter of our troops, a champion for good nutrition and healthy activity for our youth, and a leader of the pack when it comes to advocating for educating girls worldwide — all with poise, and grace — yet the right wing has nothing but petty criticisms that are totally not racist.

However, when Melania Trump actually PLAGIARIZED parts of Michelle Obama’s speech, she was coddled and defended by the same people who attacked the first lady for being healthy. She was given “sympathy” for something that either indicated that she was unable to write her own speech or didn’t care that it was plagiarism. Well, she gets none from Obama and deserves none either.

While Michelle wasn’t crass, or rude, her only response to whether or not she has sympathy for Melania’s botched speech episode was “that was tough.” Classy.

Watch our elegant First Lady’s response here:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRkoRHiSsTY&w=632&h=356]

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