Classy Canadian Parliament Shows Americans Just How Obama Should Be Treated (VIDEO)

President Obama’s trip north to the North American Leaders Summit has been called “dude-plomacy.” The three men attending, the president, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto have been dubbed “The Three Amigos.” Put them together in a room and you have a trio of extremely popular people who love their countries and appreciate their neighbors on the North American continent.

After the summit, President Obama gave a speech to Canadian Parliament that was everything an Obama speech should be: warm, welcoming, funny and sincere. He was in perfect form and the Canadians loved every minute of it. He received multiple standing ovations as well as a chant many of us wish could come true.

They took to their feet and shouted, “Four more years!” It’s the kind of respect for a job well done that Republicans could never muster, opting instead to call one of the greatest presidents to hold the office things like “treasonous” and “weak.”

Well, Republicans…these are our friends and neighbors and their opinion is from the outside looking in. Looks like your hate is only shared by…wait for it…radical Islam.

Watch the president get the respect he deserves from Canadian Parliament below:

Featured image via screen capture

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