Classless: Trump Invites Woman Who Once Had Affair With Bill Clinton To Be His Debate Guest

Just in case anyone has any respect left for the way in which Donald Trump is choosing to run his campaign, he decided to descend to pure low-class theatrics fit more for the “World Wide Wrestling” stage than the White House. Throwing a tantrum over the fact that (real) billionaire Mark Cuban will be attending the upcoming presidential debate, Trump extended an invitation to a woman who once had an affair with Bill Clinton in the 1980s.

It’s become obvious in the days leading up to the crucial debate that Trump desperately wants it to be a circus and not a substantive discussion of the issues. It’s not hard to see why. In a situation where he would be forced to actually show merit, thought, knowledge, and the ability to debate is one that he cannot possibly succeed in. He obviously needs back-up, and the only backup that could help him would have to be a distraction that would draw the eyes of the easily lead.

Someone like Flowers, a focal point for “Bill Clinton” haters, would be perfect — but would even she sink so low as to be Trump’s sideshow attraction?

But, as they say, birds of a feather. Trump’s call for back-up received an answer not long after. Trump has secured himself a tabloid-level distraction.

It appears that Flowers just can’t let her past go, and doesn’t want America to either. The fact is that Bill Clinton is not running for president, his wife is. Anything that happened between Flowers and Mr. Clinton has ZERO bearing on Hillary Clinton other than the fact that she kept the marriage together. (In contrast, Donald Trump has destroyed at least one marriage due to his cheating, leaked false affair rumors to the press for publicity, and may very well be married to a former mistress currently.)

Flowers’ twitter feed has been awash with her “tales” and an obsession, 30 years later, with her former fling with Bill Clinton. “I dare you to read,” she writes on one foreign cover, bragging that her words have been published in five countries. It’s unsurprising that she would seize this opportunity.

As for Trump, it takes a major misogynist to to think an affair is the “fault of the wife.” Hillary Clinton is not Bill Clinton, and to put Flowers on display at the debate is nothing but Trump desperately trying to take attention away from his own failures. Failures that would actually affect his ability to run the country.

Donald Trump is not qualified for the presidency, but his D-list celebrity past and involvement in the “wrestling” theater enterprises have prepared him for gutter-play. This is how Donald Trump would lead the nation right into the sewer.

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