Civil Rights Museum Tells Trump To F*ck Off After He ‘Demands’ To Use Location As Photo Op (VIDEO)

A North Carolina civil rights organization basically told Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, “Thanks but no thanks,” regarding his request for a visit citing the demands for special accommodations made through his campaign.

Trump recently threw a rally in North Carolina, and it was during this time that his campaign reportedly reached out to the International Civil Rights Center and Museum, expressing interest in having their candidate visit their facility.

The organization’s co-founder, Earl Jones, discussed the details of the exchange with WFMY News 2, where he stated that the museum saw fit to deny Trump request due in part to the unreasonable demands, such as closing five hours early, and the disrespectful attitude of his staff.

“We did not honor the request of the Donald Trump team because we thought they demonstrated, in their approach was disrespectful,” Jones said. He went on to say that Trump’s request was an insincere attempt to “exploit the legacy” of civil rights leaders for political gain.

“The approach, the type of disrespect, pretty much a demand and bullying us to use the museum in their manner and their way in their time, it was inappropriate and I think it’s probably reflective of the type of insensitivity of civil rights and human rights that’s reflective from Trump over the years.”

Jones went on to say that both Trump and his opponent Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton were welcome to visit the center at any time, however, neither candidate would be privy to any special treatment.

It looks like Trump’s campaign tried tho throw their weight around but ended making fools of themselves and their candidate instead. Now where on earth could they have learned that from?

Featured image via video screen capture

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