City Of Chicago To Gov. Rauner: F*ck You And Your Position On Syrian Refugees

Illinois has joined a growing number of states in saying that they will not accept Syrian refugees, in spite of the fact that it is illegal for them to do so. Republican Governor Bruce Rauner said that the Paris attacks reminded us that we need to keep national and state security in mind, but not everyone agrees. Chicago’s City Council has just voted on a resolution that amounts to a huge f*ck you to Rauner on this issue.

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Chicago Alderman Ed Burke introduced a measure in the city council that was in direct opposition to Rauner’s position on accepting Syrian refugees, and the Chicago Tribune is reporting that the measure passed, unopposed, on a voice vote. Burke said:

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Perhaps (Rauner) should order the State Police to cooperate with the federal agencies involved and ensure that the background checks are completed in a timely, effective professional way.

But to say that these poor souls who are fleeing war and starvation shouldn’t be allowed into Illinois flies in the face of what Chicago has stood for for generations.

The 30 governors who won’t accept refugees actually can’t do that, but in all their Islamophobia, they can’t seem to grasp that. The vast majority of these governors are Republican, and the party increasingly seems to think that states’ rights always trump that of the federal government (except for when it comes to pot, and immigration policies they don’t like).

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Chicago is well known as a sanctuary city, meaning they don’t release information on undocumented immigrants to federal authorities in defiance of federal law because doing so could deter these people from reporting crimes out of fear of getting imprisoned and deported for their efforts. But the city council sees a bigger meaning to that term and feels that Chicago ought to live up to its reputation as a sanctuary city when it comes to the Syrian refugees, too.

Republicans in the U.S. have had an extremely close-minded reaction to the crisis at the federal level too. Members of the GOP clown car are saying we should only admit Christian refugees, and others, like House Speaker Paul Ryan, saying that we need to suspend migration from Syria so, you know, ISIS can’t take advantage of our hospitality.

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One Tennessee lawmaker is saying that the National Guard needs to go out and round up all the Syrian refugees there. He wants the National Guard to “politely” take them back to the ICE center they allegedly came from and tell the U.S. that they’re not foisting any more refugees on the state.

These morons don’t seem to know that we have an extensive vetting process in place, none of which takes place on U.S. soil, and despite Obama’s pledge to allow 10,000 into the country over the next year, there aren’t any waivers from the vetting process for them.

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In the end, this is about that “American leadership” we keep hearing the GOP bleat when it comes to the mess in the Middle East. We can’t lead militarily while simultaneously telling the world that we have security concerns about the refugees, and they’re someone else’s problem anyway. That’s essentially what the GOP is doing. It’s sad that it’s up to individual cities to defy their state governors and take the lead on an issue like this. Sad and sick.

Featured image by Mstyslav Chernov. Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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