Citizens United President Gleeful Because Supreme Court Handed Election To GOP (VIDEO)

If you sincerely believe that money is speech and corporations are people, I can see how you might view Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, a legal travesty that resulted in the eroding of recognizable democracy, as a good thing. David Bossie, the chairman of Citizens United — the plaintiff in the famous Supreme Court case — couldn’t be happier.

So let’s face it, in September, in October, when they’re trying to gut the First Amendment of the United States, instead of trying to create jobs, instead of trying to fix the economy, you know their priorities are in the wrong place. Citizens United, our Supreme Court case, leveled the playing field, and we’re very proud of the impact that had in last night’s elections. A robust conversation, which is what a level playing field allows, really creates an opportunity for the American people to get information and make good decisions.

Here’s a video of his remarks, courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

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Maybe he watched a different election than the rest of us did. First, money isn’t speech. While anybody can have an opinion, not anybody can buy one — that’s reserved for the rich. So this talk about a “level playing field” is more about a “bought” playing field. And on that note, the “level playing field” doesn’t allow for a robust, informative conversation as he claims — the 2014 election was the most expensive midterm in history, and that certainly wasn’t reflected by a higher degree of honesty (if anything the opposite). Dark money ads do not ad anything of worth to the political process, and recent studies show that constituents have little to no impact on decisions by elected leaders — the rich own them.

And while he might call campaign finance reform “gutting the First Amendment,” the rest of us call it “giving power back to the people.” You’d think he’d have updated his talking points with regard to jobs and the economy — both of those examples, along with an unexpected reduction in the deficit, make Obama one of the best economic presidents in history, putting conservative hero Reagan to shame.

Featured image screencaptured from video. H/t Right Wing Watch

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