CIA Torture Report Release Causes Foxbots To Go Into Full Blown Hysteria Mode (Screenshots)

Details of torture were withheld from Bush Administration

The Central Intelligence Agency is under fire today after a report released by the Committee of Intelligence released a scathing summary on the use of torture on alleged terrorist inmates in detention facilities around the globe.

The report’s findings show that the use of waterboarding was much more extensive than the CIA originally reported. Other forms of torture included a sleep deprivation of up to a week, rectal feedings and rectal hydration — both medically unnecessary and used to dominate prisoners psychologically by “exerting total control over the prisoner,” as well as wrongful detainments where innocent prisoners were used as leverage against other prisoners. The number of prisoners the CIA admitted to having detained was also false, the CIA claimed there were 98 prisoners, but the report found 119 detainees.

The torture of some prisoners was so bad that members of the CIA reported that they were “to the point of tears and choking up.”

The report released earlier today also found that use of torture techniques were extremely ineffective in yielding helpful or useful information from prisoners.

Torture is a war crime.

In 1948, the United States signed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) which effectively prohibited the use of torture of any kind. Again in 1977, the U.S. became party to international treaties that also rejected torture when the U.S. signed the American Convention of Human Rights and also the International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights.

International law dictates that use of coercive interrogation during an armed conflict is a war crime. Even those who are in power who do not adequately try to prevent the use of torture are subject to being arrested for a war crime.

Those tiny details would never trouble the Foxbots.

After Fox News reported on the release of the findings by the Committee of Intelligence, headed by Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), this is how the right-wing nut jobs reacted:

Fox 1

Right, because the real treason is reporting treason.

fox 3

“I didn’t watch this, but I have an opinion.”

fox 4

Right because the release of information is infinitesimally  more dangerous than the actions themselves. If Feinstein is charged with murder, I want Bush/Cheney tried for war crimes.

fox 5

Please protect people God, except that awful Dianne Feinstein lady, torture her for the rest of her days. Amen.

Fox 6

And here I thought torture was criminal and anti-American. Seeing as though Bush was uninformed of the details of torture, it’s unlikely Democrats were.

fox 7


fox 8

Actually the people who killed Americans on 9/11 died in the planes.

fox 9

If America doesn’t adhere to a higher standard in times of war, why should our enemies?


Someone doesn’t like the truth.

The fear that this could prompt an attack against Americans by ISIS isn’t completely unfounded, but on the opposite side, Feinstein explained that acknowledging the use of torture can help the healing between our nation and the Middle East.

Feinstein said:

Over the past couple weeks I’ve gone through a great deal of introspection, about whether to delay the release of this report to a later time. This clearly is a period of turmoil and instability in many parts of the world. Unfortunately that’s going to continue for the foreseeable future whether this report is released or not. There are many who will seize upon the report, and say ‘See what the Americans did’ and they will try to use it to justify evil actions or incite more violence. We can’t prevent that but history will judge us by our commitment to a just society governed by law and the willingness to face an ugly truth and say ‘Never again.’ There may never be the right time to release this report, the instability we see today will not be resolved in months or years, but this report is too important to shelve indefinitely.

It’s troubling that right wingers believe their own country’s use of torture is in any way justifiable, especially torture that yielded so little information. While they bark about President Obama’s lack of transparency they praise and revel in the unabashed lies from the former administration.

The treasonous actions taken under the Bush administration has been more damaging to our reputation as a nation than any report could ever be.

H/T: MSNBC | Photo: Independent UK

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