CIA Officials Blast Trump Over Waterboarding Comments: ‘We Aren’t Going Down That Road Again’

It seems even the CIA, the inventors of the United States’ “enhanced interrogation” techniques, has had it with the bombastic sack of hot air that is Donald Trump. The GOP frontrunner, who just recently came out victorious in the South Carolina primaries and now the Nevada caucuses, vowed to bring back waterboarding and other “much stronger” torture practices if elected President of the United States.

The CIA basically told him to screw himself. After having their techniques exposed last year by Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein, officials within the agency faced so much scrutiny and inquiries that they have vowed never again to go down the path of torture over fear of even more backlash. Ex CIA Chief Michael Hayden, who took office at the tail end of the Bush Administration, had some harsh words for Trump while appearing on NBC News:

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Multiple investigations, grand juries, presidential condemnations and congressional star chambers have a way of doing that to you. Like the man said, if you want somebody waterboarded, bring your own damn bucket.

Other CIA officials, left bitter over Feinstein’s expose, have pledged that should Trump become president, they would not comply with any orders to bring back torture. John Rizzo, a top agency lawyer who acted as a liaison between the CIA, White House and Justice Department when crafting the enhanced interrogation techniques, said no agency official would subject themselves to anymore scrutiny:

And now, under a Trump administration, many of these same CIA career officers would be ordered to go down, perhaps double down, on that perilous path again? Who could blame for them for refusing to expose themselves and their families to a reprise someday of the ordeal they have had to endure? I hope and trust no CIA director, or its lawyer, would countenance such an order.

It seems the days of torture are seemingly over. And no one, not even Donald Trump, could bring it back. Thanks to the efforts of Democrats like Senator Dianne Feinstein, the “stain on our values” as she called it is no more. Trump is currently another stain on American values, but its good to see that the nation’s top security agency is the only thing telling the spoiled Donald Trump ‘No.’

If Donald Trump can’t even get the CIA on his side, what else will he not be able to accomplish?

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