Chuck Todd Flips When Conway Claims Trump’s A Victim: He Smeared Obama With Birther Lies For YEARS!

Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway is fast proving to be an intellectual equal to the infamously dense campaign spokeswoman, Katrina Pierson. In addition to vehemently denying that the Trump camp had a massive shakeup following the demotion of Paul Manafort, when questioned about Trump’s taxes, she imploded spectacularly on live TV.

And she continued her trend while sitting across from Chuck Todd on Sunday. Her foot in mouth moment this time? Trying to do everything possible to deflect birtherism accusations from Trump.

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That’s right. Trump’s campaign adviser is now claiming the guy who launched his political career with birtherism and spent the last five years screaming about it is somehow completely blameless for spreading the false allegations and that it’s all Clinton’s fault.

The conversation started when Todd asked, “How and when did Donald Trump conclude that the president was born in the United States?”

For those who don’t know the origin behind the question, Trump gave a 33-second press conference on Friday in which he basically said, “Yeah, okay, Hawaii’s a state and Obama was born here. Controversy over. Bye!” He spent more time teasing the announcement than he did making it.

So Todd, understandably wanted to know when Trump decided to drop his five year quest to expose Obama as a secret Kenyan.

Rather than answer, she tried to shift the blame to Hillary Clinton, as usual — but Todd wasn’t having any of it:

“Who cares about the Clinton incident? Donald Trump, for five years, perpetuated this. This has been arguably part of his political identity for the last five years… Why do two wrongs make a right in this case?”

Conway stammered, insisting like a child that “it makes a huge difference who started it,” saying:

“We were reminding people where this started. It was used as a smear against Sen. Obama by Clinton campaign associates — and by the way, not a bunch of summer interns who just got it all wrong and were a little bit too ambitious.”

But Todd recalled how the Trump campaign last week very specifically called birtherism a smear. He dropped the hammer: “Does that mean for five years Donald Trump was perpetuating a smear?” A smear Conway now admits is a smear?

Conway continued to try and blame it on Clinton associates, but as you might expect, she completely avoided addressing the last five years of Trump’s birther statements. When Todd brought them up, Conway’s answer was that voters didn’t care.

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