Christopher Hitchens Predicted Trumps’ Presidential Run DUMBA$$RY YEARS Ago With This Jaw-Dropping Comment

Christopher Hitchens, one of the most famous Atheists of our time, penned an article for The London Review Of Books about the Republican primary “possibles” before his death which he titled simply “Diary.”

How the sharp-witted and deeply intellectual chain-smoking cult hero knew how well that prediction would come true is sincerely mind-boggling. This opinionated writer never ignored controversial subjects that deserved attention, but his feelings on Trump are short, sweet and to the point.

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Here’s one scathing example:

Donald Trump – a ludicrous figure, but at least he’s lived it up a bit in the real world and at least he’s worked out how to cover 90 per cent of his skull with 30 per cent of his hair.

Hitchens clearly knows Trump is as much of a joke as the rest of us do.

What he wrote next, however, is the most telling part of the scorching takedown:

Trump and Beatty, too, are ‘mentionable’ only because they are men of means.

There it is; using the poetry of simplicity and truth, Hitchens sums up the real reason that Trump keeps getting more attention than he’s due. His concentrated BS and buzzword-filled speeches, along with his ability to fan the flames of hatred on the extreme right, are simply reasons to keep conservative Foxbots in a frenzy — and Trump in the news.

His advantage over the others is only due to his net worth and fame infamy — which is pretty pathetic.

Maybe it is time we took a cue from Hitch and stopped frickin’ talking about him.

Featured image courtesy of Huntress’ Uncommon Sense

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