Christie Stole $380k From NJ Taxpayers, Claims Feds Stole Social Security Money

Even though most national Republicans have since given up on Governor Tony Soprano (he’s fighting the margin of error in the polls) and his own state hates him, Professional YouTube Screamer and occasional governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, used his first opportunity to speak in the #CNBCGOPDebate to spout total lies on a Republican favorite bogeyman: Social Security.

Regarding the entitlement program, the gargantuan governor took a page out of Trump in brilliantly exploiting miserably uninformed working class Republicans, by claiming that the big scary Govmint stole their Social Security money.

“The government has lied to you and stolen your money. They now want to steal even more money from you,” said Christie.

No word yet if he talked about the government getting involved in your Medicare. 

What the screaming bag of uncooked bacon doesn’t want you to know is a report that showed  Governor Chris Christie didn’t report or pay taxes on more than $380,000 in allowances of public money.

According to the report:

Gov. Chris Christie failed to report as income or pay taxes on $380,000 in expense allowances he received from the state, according to a New Jersey Watchdog examination of Treasury data and the governor’s tax returns.

By not declaring the allowances on their joint returns, Christie and his wife, Mary Pat, avoided roughly $152,000 in federal income taxes over four years.

Is it just me, or is Christie starting to make Putin look more scrupulous than a boy scout leader.

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