Christie Slams Obama As A ‘Feckless Weakling’ After Previously Applauding Obama’s Leadership

Last night’s episode of the 2016 GOP Insane Clown Car featured a lot of neocon posturing from a group of guys who never actually served in the military. Sen. Rand Paul, known for his non-interventionist and humble foreign policy, was the lone voice of reason amid a sea of d*ck-waving war hawks. Professional YouTube Screamer and occasional Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, once again proved himself to be a dangerous bully who’s willing to ignite WWIII.

Apparently garnering the 4 percent needed to appear at the big kids debate, Christie used every opportunity to be Giuliani in a fat suit; that is, a dangerous neocon without any knowledge of our failed bellicose foreign policies in the Middle East. In an obvious attempt to pander to Trump’s crowd of misinformed macho-insecure nut jobs, Christie took a major swipe at President Obama’s policy towards ISIS. He also managed to yet again make New Jersey the laughingstock of the country. By the way, his own state of New Jersey despises him and wishes he would go away.

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Maybe because I’m from New Jersey I have this plain-language hang-up, Christie said. I would talk to Vladmir Putin a lot, and I’d say listen, Mr. President, there’s a no-fly zone and it applies to you and yes we’d shoot down the planes of Russian pilots if they were stupid enough to think that this president was the same feckless weakling that the president we have in the Oval Office is right now.

That’s a far cry from the glowing praise Christie heaped on the president for Mr. Obama’s crisis leadership after the devastating 2012 storm wreaked havoc on the Jersey shore. Of course, this was when Christie was facing reelection in a blue state and had to appear strong. And they said that Mitt Romney was power-hungry and the personification of political expediency.

Via the Washington Post:

Christie told news outlets that the president’s response had been “outstanding,” said that coordinating with the administration had been “wonderful,” and remarked that “the president has been all over this and he deserves great credit.” He even told Fox News the president had done a “great job for New Jersey.”

Apparently there isn’t a bridge that Christie isn’t willing to burn shut down, all in order to further his own aspirations and gain a couple of percentage points.

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