Christie Said Obama Doesn’t ‘Stand Up For Cops,’ Forgot He Laid Off 4,000 NJ Police Officers

Now that the third installment of America’s hit reality show, 2016 Clown Car, is in the books, it’s fair to say that shaving Kim Kardashian is a much better and easier job than having to fact check the #GOPDebate. Their uninformed (or misinformed) supporters most likely won’t go ahead and fact check anything that was said, especially after each and every one of the sociopaths used the old “it’s the media” excuse to absolve them from any legit inquiry, but they’re not getting off that easy.

Take Professional YouTube Screamer and occasional NJ Governor Chris Christie, for example. Even though most national Republicans have since given up on Christie (he’s fighting the margin of error in the polls) and his own state hates him, Christie has still managed to bypass the kiddie debates.  Even though it wont do anything for his fledgling and pathetic candidacy, Christie used every small opportunity he had to spout outrageous lies and pander to the crowd.

One of his glaring lies was with respects to Social Security, but one that might have flown under the radar had to do with police. Christie slammed President Barack Obama for allegedly failing to support police officers.

Christie said:

The president’s appointed FBI director said this week that, because of a lack of support from politicians like the president of the United States, police officers are afraid to get out of their cars and enforce the law.

More tough guy Jersey talk, huh? You want to fight about it? For those of us residing in Reality Town, Christie’s love of police is not exactly true. 

Christie’s 3 billion dollars in cuts during his first few years left 4,000 New Jersey police officers without a job, leaving  drug-related crime to flourish.

Via Think Progress:

Statewide, about 4,000 police officers have lost their jobs in the past two years, said Anthony Wieners, president of the state’s Policemen’s Benevolent Association. There were about 25,900 municipal police officers in New Jersey in 2009, according to State Police statistics.

All the advancements we made since the late 1970s, in community policing, getting out into the communities and building a trust, are going to be lost,” Wieners said.

So maybe the pile of corpulent corruption might want to think twice the next time he tries to pander to the national security and police crowd. And that’s tellin’ it like it is.


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