Christie: Priebus Pressured FBI On Russia Probe Because He’s Too Dumb To Know Better (VIDEO)

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie says that White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus only pressured the FBI about the Russia investigation because he’s too stupid inexperienced to know any better.

During a Sunday morning interview on CNN’s State of The Union, host Jake Tapper asked Christie about Priebus reaching out to the FBI.

“Let’s talk about the fact that Reince Priebus reached out to the FBI to knock down stories about the fact that the FBI was investigating these contacts was not true,” Tapper said. “That should be troubling. He reached out to those doing the investigation, saying basically ‘will you give a public relations station statement on our behalf?’”

Christie explained that Priebus, despite having been in charge of the RNC, just doesn’t have experience running a government. He added that he really doesn’t think the chief of staff meant to do anything wrong. (Insert eye roll here)

“If the story is to be believed that was put forward, it was the FBI who first approached the chief of staff,” Christie told Tapper. “So I think the assistant deputy of the FBI, if I was an attorney and I was an FBI leader in charge in the Newark or Camden office, I would have sat him down and said you can’t have conversations with people who are in the orbit of the investigation because you never know where it’s going to do. If I was sitting in that position, talk to the White House counsel about it out of an abundance of caution. I don’t think Reince thought he was doing anything wrong.”

According to Christie, everybody needs to get a grip and realize that none of these people in Trump’s administration have any idea what the heck they are supposed to be doing. And of course, he had to throw in that Democrats’ complaints about this kind of stuff are just “overreaching.”

“What they [the Democrats] should do here is take a deep breath and look into these matters in a way that the American public will think has integrity to it,” Christie advised. “In my experience, the Democrats are the ones with the problem of overreaching on this stuff. But these are all people who have never been in government before, so they’re going to need to learn these things. I don’t think you get the learning curve just by winning the election.”

Tapper then asked Christie if maybe Trump should consider having someone, anyone, around him who has done anything like this before. But Christie doesn’t think so because if it isn’t someone in Trump’s inner circle, he probably isn’t going to listen to them anyway.

Watch the interview, here:

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