Christian Nation? Americans Would Prefer A Gay Person To An Evangelist For President

A new poll released by NBC News and the conservative-leaning Wall Street Journal may have those right-wing Christians who think the constitution should include Leviticus reeling. In a question delving into preferences of potential Presidential candidates, American voters were found to prefer the thought of a gay President to an Evangelical Christian.

It wasn’t even close. Sixty-one percent of respondents said the were either “enthusiastic” or “comfortable” with an LBGT as President, compared to 52 percent who said the same about an Evangelist.

The poll says a lot about the direction our country is moving in. It seems no matter how hard the right tries to shift our laws and customs back to the 1800’s, Americans prefer to evolve instead. Somebody should really inform Texas, Louisiana, Indiana, and Arkansas. And Kansas. And Florida. How long this list could be makes me sad.

The poll also shows how misunderstood Christianity in America truly is. Seventy-two percent of our country identifies as Christian. More than half of LGBTs identify themselves that way as well. The Christian Right would have us believe that the issue of homosexuality is just that: an issue.

Sadly, it’s only an issue for those who sit in judgement, against their own church doctrine, of many fellow Christians. People who are no different from anyone else, and believe they are who they are because God made them that way.

These are also the people who think the poor are lazy freeloaders who should be stripped of their means of survival and their dignity, so…

The poll found that Americans were most enthusiastic about a woman as President, and that the Tea Party is but a shadow of its former self, gathering such a lunatic following that not even the Koch Brother billions can revive it.

Thank the gay and lesbian God for that.

Image: Degenerous.weebly/Wikipedia

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