Christian Leader Defends Endorsing Bigoted Narcissist Trump: He’s A ‘Baby Christian’ Still Learning

According to right-wing Christian nutjob James Dobson, Jesus Christ has accepted Donald Trump’s friendship request and the two are in a relationship, but “it’s complicated” and Trump is still “a baby Christian.”

I mean, these people are really reaching, aren’t they?

I’ve been a Christian

James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family, is a fading star on the Religious Right, left by the sheer amount of crazy that’s taken over in his place. Whether it’s Sarah Palin or Allen West, Dobson just isn’t relevant anymore — and nowhere is that more obvious than with Donald Trump.

However, Dobson’s trying to ride those coattails anyway, so it shouldn’t be any surprise that Dobson is doing whatever it takes to steal some of that limelight — up to claiming that Donald Trump has “found Jesus” but is still a work in process.

I mean, I found Jesus too. But then I put him back because I wasn’t rich enough to afford him and I didn’t want to get arrested for shoplifting.

In an interview with pastor Michael Anthony following an Evangelical shindig in New York last week, Dobson said that Jesus has entered Trump’s life after he met with another Christian leader:

I don’t know when it was, but it has not been long. I believe he really made a commitment, but he’s a baby Christian.

Not quite a year ago, Trump told a crowd in Iowa what his idea of Christianity was:

I drink my little wine, and I eat my little cracker, and I do that as often as possible—because I feel cleansed, okay?

Work in progress indeed. But hey, everyone sins, right? Christians like Dobson aren’t perfect, they’re just forgiven. By Jesus, not the rest of us who view them as insufferable self-righteous pricks.

And since Trump is an insufferable self-righteous prick, he considers himself well-loved by that population of Christianity:

I’ve been a Christian, and I love Christianity and the evangelicals have been so incredibly supportive. Don’t forget, when I ran, and all of a sudden I went to states that were highly evangelical, like as an example, South Carolina, and they said, ‘Well, Trump won’t win this state because it’s evangelical’ … not only did I win, I won in a landslide.

That’s because you can never underestimate the American public. We’ll do well to learn that and keep the heat on, lest he actually pull off a victory in November.

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