WATCH: Mike Huckabee Featured In Anti-Gay Christian Persecution Documentary (VIDEO)

“Christian” members of Congress and a Presidential hopeful still want the right to hate gays, is that so wrong?

Judge not, lest ye be judged. -Matthew 7:1-3

As an atheist, quoting Bible verses at anti-gay Christians feels a bit like wiping with a turd, but in this case, I’m willing to make an exception because I’m absolutely fed up with the religious right using the Bible and their religion to categorically sh*t on LGBTQ people’s heads.

In the Christian religion, “God” is the one who is supposed judge these people, so what gives anti-gay Christians the right to make life hell on Earth for homosexuals in this country?

But the religious right remains bitter and obstinate. They’re literally down to their bayonets in this battle but they haven’t given up completely. Instead they re-branded anti-gay activism as a fight for “religious freedom” and anyone who stands in the way of allowing Christians to continue their hateful and discriminative agenda towards homosexuals are branded as a hostile who is persecuting their religious beliefs.

That’s right, they think they’re the persecuted ones.

Aside from keeping homosexuals from getting married, the religious right also wants the legal right to fire them from their jobs, exclude them from living in certain neighborhoods, reject them from secular organizations, and keep them from buying goods and services the rest of the public has a right to.

Make no mistake of it, “religious freedom” means anti-gay Christians want the right to discriminate.

Which brings me to the new documentary film by Faith 2 Action (F2A) called “Light Wins: How To Overcome The Criminalization Of Christianity,” directed and narrated by Janet Porter, President of F2A. And of course, she hails herself as a “pro-family” social conservative (as long as that family isn’t gay, because they’re going to hell).

The film starts off with an upbeat tone, set in a creepy forest in the middle of night as Porter makes her way through tangled underbrush and heavy fog, while she holds a lantern (because flashlights are just too phallic) and says:

If evil is called good, darkness is ushered into the land. And with the darkness comes a threat to our freedoms.

Well, they have the primary motivating emotion for conservatives down pat: Fear. Conservatives love fear.

The film then goes on to show various ‘Christian” Congressman and anti-gay activists speaking out against the threat homosexuality poses to Christianity.

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) starts by seething:

I believe it [gay marriage] is the single greatest threat to religious freedom in the United States of America today.

The anti-gay “Christian” Republican from Texas then reappears to declare:

If some young person hears at school, ‘It’s okay to be gay,’ and then comes down with a fatal disease as a result, schools officials should be held legally liable.

Wait, WHAT?! The idiot, it burns.

Let’s be clear here, “the greatest threat to religious freedom” simply means Christians aren’t allowed to segregate, shame and legislate the way homosexuals live their lives in the public sector. As for protecting teens from HIV, I don’t even know where to begin on that one because in Conservaland no one has sex until they’re married.

The film goes on to express that homosexuals are “hostile” to Christians and their agenda is one of the most “insidious and aggressive” way of destroying what churches want to preach.

Anti-gay “Christian” Mike Huckabee makes his appearance, fuming:

What kind of freedom of speech do we have if a person who expresses a biblical viewpoint about marriage is told they can’t open their businesses in a certain location?

I just wish a man, who has high hopes of being the next POTUS actually understood what the First Amendment does and does not allow. It really only guarantees that people are not put into shackles and dragged away to prison for expressing themselves. It doesn’t grant people immunity from their employers, consumers and community when they say things that marginalize or belittle homosexuals just because their Bible does. That would be like calling my boss an asshole and expecting not to be fired because I have First Amendment rights.

It doesn’t mean Christians can’t go to their churches and spread their spiteful beliefs. It doesn’t mean they can’t believe the Bible, it just means that in the public square, bigotry isn’t tolerated, and bigots have to accept the consequences from their free speech.

Other quotable quotes from this anti-gay documentary include:

It’s really not about marriage, it’s about forcing the acceptance of homosexuality on people.

Right, because letting homosexuals live their lives the way they see fit is forcing you to accept them. Sigh.

If you change the public law about what marriage is, then you change what the public education system does when it talks about it.

Think of the children! Won’t anyone think of the children?!

Watch the entire trailer here: 


H/T: Forward Progressives | Photo: YouTube (Screen Capture)

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