Chris Wallace Puts Lindsey Graham On Psychiatrist Couch To Find Out Why He’s Still Single (VIDEO)

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) is 59 years old and has never been married. Now, normal people know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a lifelong bachelor or bacherlorette, but in the conservative Christian and “family values” circles that Graham travels in, this is quite unusual. It seems that Fox’s Chris Wallace thinks so as well, because he wants to put Senator Graham on the “psychiatrist couch” to figure out why, at his age and with his views, he is still single.

On Sunday’s edition of Fox News Sunday, Wallace referenced a Washington Post article on Graham, in which it was revealed that his parents died when he was in college and he raised his sister after their death. Wallace asked Graham:

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Some of your friends suggested that might be the reason you never got married. We can’t put you on the psychiatrist couch. But those traumatic events, how did they shape your life?

Graham answered:

It made me realize that the promise of tomorrow is just a promise. It taught me how much I was loved by the rest of my family. My aunt and uncle helped me raise my sister. Social Security survivor benefits coming into my family made a world of difference.

I understand we’re all one car wreck away from needing help, but what it told Lindsey Graham above all else is that family, friends and faith really do matter.

And I’m a lucky man to have all the support I’ve had all these years.

This is certainly a touching story, and while I don’t agree on much (read: anything) with Lindsey Graham, I do have to say that the events of the early part of his life are certainly tragic, and the fact that he raised his sister through the trauma and really made something of his life is to be commended.

Graham went on to say that there is a “91 percent” chance that he would be seeking a bid for the 2016 presidential election, because he wants to do his “best to pay back a country who has been so good to me.”

Again, commendable, if he is speaking truthfully about his reasons for running for president. However, none of this answers the marriage question. There have always been whispers around the South Carolina gay community that Graham is single because he is a deeply closeted homosexual. Now, nobody can possibly know this for sure, but I, for one, grew up in South Carolina, and I know that man has been pinging my gaydar for years — and not to toot my own horn, but my gaydar is very finely tuned. I am rarely wrong. So, I doubt that Graham’s lifelong bachelor status has anything to do with his parents’ deaths and raising his sister, and everything to do with his inability to find the right man. Meaning, one who will put up with being his dirty little secret while he votes against LGBT rights from his throne in the South Carolina Senate.

Watch the clip from Fox News Sunday below:

H/T: The Raw Story | Featured Image: Fox News Screengrab via The Raw Story

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