Chris Rock Hits The Racism Issues–And Non-Issues–Of The Oscars Head On In Monologue (VIDEO)

Chris Rock had some high expectations placed on him when he decided to go ahead and host the 2016 Academy Awards. In an awards season filled with boycotts and raised eyebrows about Academy voting and diversity that has actually led to some rule changes in place for future years. To effectively host this year’s show, Rock would have to transcend the role his own monologue says Hollywood puts him in: Guy who is awfully happy to be working.

That doesn’t make the racism that led to not a single black nomination for an award acceptable, but it does put it into perspective for Rock, who very bluntly and very realistically takes on racism in Hollywood. He calls it more of a “sorority type” thing, which plenty of people will say downplays racism because of a class-based divider, but realistically that divider exists.

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The times of old where the white guys who nobody remembers from the 1970s voting on anyone but the black dude are over. With a more relevant voting process, at least Hollywood is attempting to fix the problem, if only a little.

Watch Chris Rock hit the racism issue right on the head below:

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