Chris Hardwick Hilariously Mocks Paul Ryan’s Speaker Demands (VIDEO)

If you don’t watch the Comedy Central show @Midnight you’re missing out. Comedian Chris Hardwisk aka “The Nerdist” brings together a group of comedians each night to mock what is happening online. Each night the hashtag starts trending on Twitter, and so many comedy shows get their ideas from jokes that come out of the show. While Hardwick has said he doesn’t like to get too political in his comedy, when it comes to the internet, some things really are difficult to ignore.

This week’s political shitshow was at the hands of Paul Ryan. Since Speaker John Boehner is stepping down, the House is desperate for a sacrificial lamb. “It’s apparently the least desirable job opening since bathroom attendant at the Gathering of the Juggalos,” Hardwick joked. But that’s when Paul Ryan went full hypocrite demanding he needed time with his family, while preventing others from having time with theirs. Hardwick was on the case to mock “Wisconsin Congressman and secret pilates instructor who is fucking your mom, Paul Ryan…”

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Hardwick refreshed the not always political audience by reminding them of Paul Ryan’s spread in TIME which featured him in workout gear looking like a scene out of Saved By The Bell. “He’s giving the look that seems to say ‘Hey girl, you like devastating budget cuts? Check out what else is cut, BAM!'” he said pointing to his wicked six pack.

The awesome all-female panel came up with some of the most awesome faux Ryan demands from an hour each day to watch Enrico Iglesias videos alone and twinkles being photoshopped into his eyes.

In the next segment, Hardwick merged the Bernie Sanders Ellen dance with the awkward Drake dance for an awesome new movie check this out:

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