Chris Christie’s Recent Vacation Is None Of Your #%*@ Business (Even If You Helped Pay For It)

It ain’t easy being the Jersey Governor. Shoot, Chris Christie makes a mere $175,000 a year with a tiny $75,000 in stipends, then has to live in an undersized mansion in Princeton with just a single vacation home at Island Beach. The limos and personal staff are just fringe, so if you’re going to question his integrity on this latest news, then – just like the New Jersey Republican is known to ask those who question his integrity  – “Are you stupid?”

Yes, Christie did just enjoy a splendid vacation in Israel (along with seven relatives, one friend, and four staff members, along with seven state policemen and an unidentified number of security staff). But that flight was made not at taxpayer expense, since they used the private plane of Sheldon Adelson, the casino mogul (and the fact that Adelson is now pushing for a casino outside of New Jersey’s legal-gaming region of Atlantic City is completely irrelevant). The Republican Jewish Coalition paid for the airfare and hotel of 14 governor’s staff who joined Christie on that trip to Israel, too. So there.

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And, yes – he and his troops also extended that vacation to a luxurious resort in Jordan, and at hotel costs of $30,000 for just Christie and his family. But the fees for the Christies were covered by that country’s King Abdullah II ibn al-Hussein himself.

As for the remaining members of the entourage, though, and who joined the Christies? Well, as recently noted:

Garden State taxpayers underwrote the price for seven state troopers and contract security during the weeklong trip to Israel and Jordan(.)

But don’t even think of asking how much that entourage cost New Jersey taxpayers, because Christie ain’t saying.

(T)he total cost of security has never been released by the governor’s office.

He shouldn’t have to provide that information, either. If you did hit him up, Christie would certainly be justified in calling you “the idiot over there,” a term he’s used to specify which media ask him the questions he doesn’t want to answer.

With all this unnecessary scrutiny, which already resulted in the poor poo-bear being questioned for failing to report interest earnings to the IRS, is it any wonder Christie now refuses to release his tax returns? So don’t expect him to tell anyone how much of your money he spent on anyone else’s vacation.

Back off, people. He needs his space (and not just to accommodate his girth).

Featured Image: DonkeyHotey via Flickr

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