Chris Christie’s PAC Has An Acronym That Describes His Politics Perfectly: LMFAO

Let’s just be honest from the get-go here. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is a bird-brained buffoon who can’t be taken seriously. He’s slovenly, ignorant, corrupt, and crass.

It’s only fitting that his political action committee’s website has the perfect acronym to describe how people feel when the imbecile who runs it speaks.

Leadership Matters For America. Org

Yes, the man who shut down traffic in an entire town to bully a mayor, the guy who spends more time on the sidelines with Jerry Jones than he does caring about his state, the man who thinks he should be President because a hurricane hit New Jersey, that man started a political action committee whose unintentional yet hilarious acronym is LMFAO.

I just spit a little bit of my Twisted Tea through my nose just thinking about it. You could say I’m laughing my f*cking ass off at Chubbles McDouchebag.

You would think that somebody in the Christie camp would have enough higher brain function to have figured this out before people started laughing about it.  Then again these are Republicans; thinking isn’t high on their list of priorities.

Could you imagine what would happen if this bumbling boob were elected President?

  • Immoral Donors Grip America’s Future
  • Substandard Morons Destroying Homes
  • What The F*ck?

Alright, never mind. It was going nowhere fast, I know.

If Christie weren’t one of about four hundred and sixteen Republicans who think they can beat a Democrat, any Democrat, in 2016, this would be comedy gold. The fact is the Obese Maniacal Governor of the Garden State has little to no chance of making it much further than Idaho.

Were he to make it by some miracle, he’s polling at an average of 9.2 points behind Hillary Clinton. A poll of the residents of my house have him trailing our Boston Terrier Chowdah by just under 6 points.

Chris Christie is a joke, even when he doesn’t mean to be.


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