Really? Chris Christie Says He Will ‘Escalate War On Pot’ If President

Occasional New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is having quite the busy week. First, the presumptive presidential candidate showed he can multi-task by destroying the pension system and social security during one of his many visits to New Hampshire. And now he’s returning to his complete and utter obsolete, Reefer Madness mentality towards pot. He’s already made it abundantly clear that he opposes marijuana legalization in New Jersey despite growing support for it.

Seriously, Snookie from MTV’s Jersey Shore represented New Jersey better than this gargantuan a-hole 

Christie essentially took one big massive dump on the youth and Libertarian (young Republicans favor marijuana legalization) vote during a recent appearance on “The Hugh Hewitt Show,” declaring:

I will crack down and not permit states to further legalize cannabis from the White House on down through federal law enforcement.

States should not be permitted to sell it and profit from legal cannabis. (EastBayExpress)

The levels of personal ambition and sheer hypocrisy are so strong that they could give you stage 3 cancer. One, Christie is supposedly against government intrusion. Two, Christie saw fit to legalize online gambling in New Jersey. You know, because all you see across the country are Marijuana Anonymous groups.

But Christie certainly didn’t stop sounding like Ned Flanders yet and delved even further into the 1950s:

Marijuana is a a gateway drug. We have an enormous addiction problem in this country. (EastBayExpress)

On the contrary, Koch is a far more dangerous and addictive drug, which is a gateway to the presidency. Oh, and that rubbish argument was debunked by the National Academy of Sciences back in 1999.

The fact remains that about 35 states have medical cannabis laws — which Christie calls a “front” for legalization, and four states as well as Washington, DC have legalized cannabis. New Jersey itself has medical marijuana, which alas was severely weakened by Gov Soprano and rife with cruel bureaucracy.

New Jersey is considered one of the worst places to do business, so the idea of bringing a rich and much-needed source of limitless revenue to the state is a no-brainer. The fact that support for legalization of recreational marijuana in New Jersey is now evenly divided, and that New Jersey’s major prosecutors favor it, is irrefutable proof that the times are a-changin’—even if Christie and national Republicans are devolving.

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