Chris Christie Denies 1.6 Million Voter Registrations With A Single Veto

This Monday, Chris Christie (R-NJ) vetoed legislation that would have allowed about 1.6 million new voters to the state’s voter rolls. It would also have made New Jersey the third state in the country to enact automatic voter registration.

Christie used the same old tired argument of being worried about “voter fraud,” which time and again has been proven to be a non-issue. Why would reality stop a Republican, though?

The “Democracy Act” has been in the can for almost five months up until the time where Christie just recently vetoed it, making that his second voting rights-related bill he shot down in three years time. Christie has said before that he has no intention of helping make it easier for his citizens to be able to vote.

In New Jersey, we have early voting that are available to people. I don’t want to expand it and increase the opportunities for fraud.

It is such an asinine argument really. The suggestion that any time you allow people to exercise their rights it opens the “opportunity” for fraud or abuse is ridiculous. To put it into context, Christie wants there to be no gun regulation or restrictions of any kind. This would clearly allow more people to exercise their rights,  but the negatives are far, far worse. The second example is just dandy though! You know, because of course it is.

New Jersey has some very embarrassing problems in regards to voting. It is currently 39th in the nation in both the amount of eligible voters who are registered, and also the same for those that actually cast a ballot. They do not allow in person early voting, and require anyone who wants an absentee ballot to have to apply for one at an election official office. New Jersey also does not permit online voting registration. It’s a freaking disgrace that a state so populous does not want to do anything to help its own citizens exercise their voting rights.

The group New Jersey Working Families had promised to bring the matter directly to the ballot for voters if Christie vetoed the legislation, which probably would work well since the citizens of New Jersey previously acted without the governor’s support to raise the minimum wage.

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