South Carolina Republicans Debate Merits of ‘Creeping Sharia Law’ Bill (VIDEO)

The threat of “Creeping Sharia Law” has claimed another state legislature, with the Republicans in the South Carolina House of Representatives debating a new bill that would prohibit courts from enforcing foreign law in the state.

The author of the bill, Harry B. “Chip” Limehouse, represents the 110 District and ran as a Republican. He claims that his bill is necessary to prevent judges from using laws based on Islam, and that by preventing Islamic laws, he can protect the United States of America.

Fighting Against Sharia Law: A Republican Tradition

Republicans aren’t shy about their claims the United States is based on Christian law, but mention Islamic law and they get jittery. As a result, the Republicans have made it their lifelong goal to challenge the specter of Sharia wherever they hallucinate it being.

As far back as 2009, Sharia law was on the Republican radar. Rick Santorum gave a speech at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where he warned that Islam was “incompatible with democracy” because “The Quran is perfect just the way it is, that’s why it is only written in Islamic [sic].”

In 2011, then-presidential hopeful Herman Cain said he would only appoint Muslims who took a “special loyalty oath” that included disavowing Sharia law.

In 2010, Oklahoma voters overwhelmingly voted in support for a bill banning Sharia law. In November of 2014, Alabama became the latest in an elite group of states that have banned the shadowy threat.

Looking backwards, what South Carolina is doing isn’t out of the ordinary; it’s following Republican tradition.

Sharia Law In South Carolina

Not all Republicans support the tradition, however. According to Republican Representative Gary Clary, Limehouse’s bill is a solution in search of a problem.

Clary, who is a retired judge, stated that he never dealt with the issue during his decade on the bench. He added that the state’s and the United States’ constitutions assure that it can never be an issue, either, and said the bill was a waste of time that was better spent on more important things.

Watch the WLTX19 Report on Limehouse’s Sharia Law bill below:

source: WLTX19 

Featured image: via screen capture

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