Cheer Up, Despondent Liberals: Bernie Will Most Likely Announce Run Come May

As of now, the 2016 Presidential Race largely feels like a bunch of corporate butt kissing white guys vying to see who can kiss billionaire Sheldon Adelson’s butt the most, all for the exhilaration of losing to Hillary Clinton. That Elizabeth Warren has steadfastly shot down running so as to remain in the Senate, where she can take on Wall Street and craft legislation and not get it obstructed, left Liberals screaming for some sort of viable alternative to Hillary. Obviously, progressive democrats will support her, but supporting her is a lot like eating fast-food; it’s never your first choice, but sometimes it’s all that’s available and the alternative is to starve.

But that may all soon change as Senator Bernie Sanders appears even closer to announcing his intentions to get into the race for the Democratic nomination. 

According to MSNBC, Sanders is leaning towards running for the Democratic nomination in 2016:

Sen. Bernie Sanders is only days away from making a decision on a 2016 run, and leaning towards yes, according to his top strategist.

“I think we’re coming to the critical moment of truth here. He’s now spent enough time traveling around the country talking to people and feels there is genuinely a large audience of people who are with him,” veteran Democratic strategist Tad Devine, who is advising Sanders, told msnbc. (PoliticUsUsa)

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), perhaps the only sincerely honest senator other than Elizabeth Warren who actually serves the interests of the people, always said that he would run if no credible challenger to Hillary Clinton stepped up. And since nobody knows or cares about Former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley, it’s Bernie or bust. Sure, he might be 73 years old and there’s always the lingering threat of death in office. But Bernie is sharper and way more au courant of the times than the young Marco Rubio– a man whose polices and political philosophy are more in keeping with a 73-year-old. It would also be refreshing to see an actual self-described Socialist run, as opposed to that label being hilariously misapplied to President Obama.

Now even if testicles flavored ice cream has more traction with the American electorate than a self-described Socialist winning a general election, a Bernie run means voters could actually see primary debates on such substantive issues as income inequality, Wall Street and the need to break up the big banks, Citizens United, etc. Further, issues that will keep Hillary on her heels and ensure that she doesn’t veer too close to her Wall Street benefactors. Even if he could be a hit on the grassroots scene and garner much money in the same way as Ron Paul did in 2008 and 2012, he would still be fighting an uphill battle against Hillary’s established war chest that’s set to be an obscene $2.5 billion (overturn Citizens United, anyone?).

But a Bernie Sanders run is a welcomed run for our obsolete democracy and the Democratic Party.

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