Check Out How The Right Wing Is Going To Impeach Hillary BEFORE She Becomes President

The GOP, Tea Party, and the whole gang that runs with them have had some nutty ideas over the past several years. From trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) at least 50 times, to Ted Cruz reading Green Eggs and Ham in a “filibuster” attempt to stop Obama’s sinister plan to try to help millions more people gain access to some form of affordable healthcare, they have been on a ride straight to crazytown for sometime now. I always loved the irony of the latter, as Sam ends up liking green eggs and ham after actually trying it. In a “life imitates art” event, Cruz himself signed up for ACA coverage and there have been no reports of his demise, becoming Muslim, or being up for review by any death panels as of this writing.

This idea however, takes the crazy to a new and more awesome height.

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The idea is to impeach Hillary Clinton before she becomes President. I know what you are thinking, how can they do that? Well, the truth is they can’t – and they know it. So what these clever little mental munchkins came up with is a plan to impeach her for being Secretary of State, posthumously.

I am sure they were passing around gold stars to everyone over at the good people who are leading the charge to impeach Clinton.

Officially, the idea is based off of an alleged quote by John Quincy Adams.

Here’s the quote:

Every officer impeachable by the laws of the country, is as liable, twenty years after his office has expired, as he is whilst he continues in office, and if such is not the case, if an officer could thus ward off the pains of impeachment, what would be the value of the provision… ? – John Quincy Adams

I Googled the quote and it came back with five total results. Three of which were the website of the wing-nuts that dreamt this scheme up, and the other 2 were websites that copied and pasted their text word for word. There was absolutely no verification that he actually said this on any of the sites, and even if he did, that doesn’t make it a law.

Next the “special ops gang” claimed “congressional precedent” in their impeachment petition:

Fact is, congressional precedent dictates that all elected officials remain subject to impeachment and disqualification from holding office even after resignation.

While it technically is true that an official can be subject to impeachment after they resign, the actual “congressional precedent” can be found in three cases, none of which are even remotely similar to Mrs Clinton.

  • One is involving an 1876 case of then Secretary of War General William Belknap. He was alleged to have taken a bribe and resigned hours (not days, not weeks, not months and not years) before the Senate voted to impeach him. After the impeachment, a trial was held and the general was acquitted. Many Senators cited his resignation as causing the charges to be out of their jurisdiction.
  •  The next incident was in 1926. Illinois District Judge George English, impeached for various acts of wrongdoing, resigned from office six days before the scheduled commencement of his trial in the Senate, the matter was discontinued.
  • The last “precedent” was when Richard Nixon resigned just prior to adoption of articles of impeachment by the House.

In two of the cases, the matter wasn’t even continued and in the one that was, the defendant was acquitted. Furthermore, the reason cited was the resignation which made everything a waste of time essentially. In all three cases the time between resignation was short, as in hours or days, not years in any of them – JQA’s alleged quote aside.

After all that nonsense we finally get to where the actual reasons are that they will be impeaching Clinton. And they are basically Benghazi, The Clinton Foundation Faux Scandal, and her email server, which has already been found to be not as illegal as they want it to be.

Of course, the Benghazi matter has become a joke as fools like Trey Gowdy continue to dig around in the mud to find some sliver of evidence that would actually show she did something improper. So far even GOP conclusions on the matter show that there is no smoke or fire there.

The Clinton foundation scandal might be the funniest on the list. After every other argument has been evaporated, the last straw to grasp at is to trash what is considered by people of all political stripes to be one of the best charities in existence ever. Speaking of those political stripes, it is also known that many conservative donors gave to the foundation as well. That fact has pretty much silenced anyone who was trying to trash the foundation and manufacture a fire where there was none.

That isn’t even the best part though. The best part is all the stuff after and beside the ridiculous pre-emptive or posthumous impeachment farce, the rest of the site is all about fundraising. Because that is what this is REALLY about – fleecing the rabid sheep.

What do they plan to do with your donations? Fax the members of Congress that you pay them to. Because nothing shines of a powerful movement than templated faxes, the cutting edge technology of the 1990’s — all coming from one land line. That will show em!

Here’s the fax that you can send demanding Hillary’s impeachment for one low-low price:

Check out this crazy “Impeach Hillary” site HERE (if you want or need a good laugh).

On one more serious note, if Clinton is elected in 2016, expect this wing nuttery to come out early and often. Far right radicals will likely try to impeach a President Hillary Clinton on a level more rabid and nonsensical than they even went after President Obama and former President Clinton.

This is just the beginning of a whole new season of crazy.

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