WATCH: CBS Reporter Details His Own Arrest During Chicago Protests Of Trump Rally

Things got so out of control in Chicago on Friday night that Donald Trump decided to call off his rally. The scene was described as “pandemonium,” as thousands of protesters clashed with the Republican frontrunner’s supporters.

During the chaos, CBS reporter Sopan Deb was arrested. He explained that things were “tense right from the start,” and only escalated when Trump made the announcement that he was cancelling the rally.

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Deb interviewed both protesters and Trump supporters on the floor of the venue before heading outside to the streets of Chicago. Deb said that outside of the event, he saw things get even more heated. Video aired on CBS showed a protester face down on the ground during an arrest, bleeding from the head.

Then, law enforcement turned on Deb himself:

At least one police officer, maybe multiple, pulled me down from the back of my hoodie and threw me to the ground and bashed my face into the middle of the street. Then this police office put his boot to my neck and cuffed me.

According to Deb, officers didn’t give two hoots that he was a member of the press. He was taken to the police station and charged with resisting arrest.

Watch more on Deb’s arrest, including video he shot himself of the actual moment police slammed him to the ground, here:

Featured image via video screen capture


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