CBO Says ACA Will Cost 20% Less Than Expected – GOP Seeks Shiny Object To Distract Their Base

More good news for Americans about the Affordable Care Act.  The Congressional Budget Office issued a report that says that the President’s signature health care law will cost taxpayers 20% less than originally projected over it’s first ten years.

That’s not where the good news ends.  Because of Obamacare, the CBO expects the number of people gaining coverage will double by the end of 2016 from 12 to 24 million.

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The main reason cited for the drop in cost is the drop in healthcare inflation caused by the law’s restrictions on unnecessary administrative spending.

What is good news for the American people is of course bad news for Republicans.  Without any kind of plan of their own, the GOP is still insisting that the ACA is bad,  Yes, bewwy bewwy bad.

Joni Ernst lied about it in her SOTU response, saying “we see the hurt caused by canceled healthcare plans and higher monthly insurance bills.”

Wrong.  Lie.  Premiums are coming down, millions of Americans have insurance for the first time, and those “cancelled plans” that didn’t conform to the law have been replaced with plans that actually offer some form of service for the money they charge.

An impending Supreme Court decision could cripple the law, ripping the subsidies from the more than 80% of people who purchase their plans on the Healthcare Marketplace.

The lawsuit wasn’t brought to improve the law or help the people, it was brought to dismantle it so Republicans can keep their promise to destroy the ACA to Insurance Companies and finally do some real damage to a great President’s legacy.

The news from the CBO, however, is very damaging to the GOP propaganda machine.  With no viable ammunition to combat the truth and tear down numbers that aren’t the fiction they typically deal in, their only recourse may be to find a shiny object large enough to distract their ill-informed base.

The other option may be to push for legalization and offer free weed to the ignorant, hoping their short-term memories will be affected.

The torn political climate that came from the years of Republican minority in the Senate seem to have ended.  Republicans are proving they can’t govern worth a damn, and the President and contenders for 2016 seats in both chambers are reaping the benefits.

H/T: Bloomberg | Image: The Political Carnival


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