Carson Inadvertently Endorses Clinton : She’s The Candidate With The Most Experience (VIDEO)

During an interview on Fox News, Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson admitted that Democratic presidential candidate Hilary Clinton  should be America’s choice if they want to elect someone with actual experience in foreign policy.

Fox host, Chris Wallace brought up the his dropped poll numbers after the Paris attacks. He pointed out a significant drop that is most likely due to him not having the “right experience to be president.” When Wallace asked how he planned to persuade the American people that he is the best choice for Commander-in-Chief, Carson stated that his “logical policies” should do the trick. Carson and logic do not belong in a sentence together.

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If people actually listened to what I have been saying, they will see that it makes perfectly good sense. I believe that the American people are smart enough to recognize that we’re in a very different time right now, and it’s not necessarily the one who shouts the loudest, it’s not necessarily the one who claims to have all this great experience

People have listened to what he has said, the concern is whether or not he has. He has had plenty of time to display his ability as president but hasn’t. Why? Because he has none. According to Carson, he and the rest of the GOP candidates lack foreign policy experience unlike Clinton, but that shouldn’t matter.

The fact of the matter is, there’s nobody running who has a great deal of international experience except for Hillary Clinton. And you see where that has led. So that’s not necessarily the thing that has to count, you have to look at a person’s lifetime experiences

I’ve probably had the most experience making life or death decisions, probably far more 2 AM phone calls that anybody else. And let’s let the American people decide whether that is the right combination. Or maybe the right combination is somebody who has spent a lot of time talking about stuff. We’ll see.

Does he realize that he just endorsed the Democratic frontrunner? At a time when our biggest national security concern is ISIS, a candidate with “international experience” is EXACTLY what we need.

A big issue with his comment is that while he has had to make life or death decisions in the past — they have been decisions that were based off of his experience and schooling. By admitting he has zero foreign policy experience only adds to what we all already know — he is not qualified to be president. I don’t think Carson fully understands his own logic, as usual.


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