Carly Fiorina’s Response To CA Shooting Wins Biggest Hypocrite In GOP Award (VIDEO)

Carly Fiorina not only made it clear that she would be a fear-mongering president, but that she doesn’t see a need for gun control legislation after the 355th mass shooting of the year. She also seems to think that being a liar is not enough, she wants the hypocrisy crown too. When asked what her response as the President of the United States would be to this attack, she said:

We need to Pray, for the victims of this shooting attack, that EVERYTHING points to to a homegrown terrorist attack!

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Her eyes belied the first statement, it was almost as if she knew that “prayers” are obviously not working to end the bloodshed in the U.S. But they lit up and she became animated over the idea that this attack is terrorism, a term she balked at using when it came to the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood terrorist attack. Carly Fiorina seems to have racially and religiously profiled the shooters before any information is actually in, branded it terrorism, and blamed an entire religion for this tragedy in the same breath.

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Nevermind that when the Colorado Terrorist was dragged out in cuffs he was reportedly screaming “no more baby parts.” Nevermind that Fiorina herself was instrumental in stirring up the kind of anti-Planned-Parenthood rhetoric that probably caused that shooting by lying about horrible, manufactured videos to make them sound even worse. Fiorina actually called the people equating her words coming out of the shooters mouth with the shooter having been motivated by them a “left-wing tactic,” but she has NO problem calling this shooting a “Homegrown Terror Attack.”

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This shooting may be a disgruntled employee shooting, which are rather common here, or it may be a terrorist attack by yet another American citizen, also common. It could be a random couple deciding they want to be Bonnie and Clyde or the Natural Born Killers. However, if you are conservative this shooting has nothing to do with what all in common: guns.

The greatest fear of this nation is not that our loved ones will be gunned down, apparently, it is that we will be gunned down by Brown people.

If Fiorina truly cared about Americans or domestic terrorism as much as she cares about American fetuses wouldn’t this shooting, or any of the previous 354 be enough to get her to say, “Gee, maybe background checks and waiting periods would be a good idea – maybe we need to change something?”

Nope, she decides instead that anyone that thinks we need gun-sense in America “hates our values” and wants to “put the government in charge of everything,” even family and common sense.

Here is Carly oozing happy fear and tingly terrorism rhetoric, before the facts are in:


Feature image via screen capture from YouTube

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