Carly Fiorina’s Foundation Gave Over $460k To Planned Parenthood

Pundits on both aisles claim Carly Fiorina, former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, won the second GOP debate with her emotional, feisty monologue about Planned Parenthood. Even though the “videos” she dared President Obama and Hillary Clinton to watch were very seriously taken out of context (it was a miscarriage, not an abortion), Fiorina still stuck with and has made it a centerpiece of her campaign. She even supported shutting down the government to defund PP.

But here’s an interesting factoid that recently came to light (much like her backdoor deals with sanctioned Iran): Fiorina, through her charity which is run by The Ayco Charitable Foundation, funneled over $467k to multiple Planned Parenthood clinics  from 2011 to 2013.

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While Fiorina boasts that she is the “Chairman” of the charitable foundation, it should be noted that the “foundation” really isn’t a foundation in and of itself, but rather an account name for the Ayco Charitable Foundation. The Ayco Charitable Foundation is a “donor-advised fund.” Their job is to collect undisclosed sums and distribute them to anonymous recipients at undisclosed times. It’s basically a SuperPAC for “charities.”

When asked to release the names of those the “foundation” has donated to, the deputy manager of Fiorina’s campaign refused to do so, which, if it were a real foundation, would be a violation of the law considering it’s not releasing 990 forms. Nor is the “foundation” registered with the Secretary of State for California or any country clerk where it is “headquartered.” And it certainly isn’t registered with the IRS.

Fiorina and her campaign did not comment on the funds given to Planned Parenthood. And why should they? They’ve been busted as being rank hypocrites. Fiorina, in the debate, said Planned Parenthood is a stain on our character as a nation. I guess Fiorina didn’t care about character when she gave them over $460k.

Once again, a Republican is found to be a hypocritical fraud.

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