Carly Fiorina Slams Donald Trump As The ‘Kim Kardashian Of Politics’

It seems Republicans are finally having it with the Donald. They’re just a few months too late, though. Seeing as though Trump will most likely be the GOP nominee, the other candidates wasted their time walking on eggshells around the mogul for fear of backlash.

Well, who would have thought Carly Fiorina would sum up the sheer existence of Donald Trump in one simple tweet:

Comparing Donald Trump to Kim Kardashian? That’s an insult to not just Kim, but the entire Kardashian family. At least they don’t incite racist, bigoted, xenophobic attitudes in the electorate. But I see Fiorina’s point. If it wasn’t for his celebrity status, immense wealth, and bombastic, annoying personality, no one would care about Donald Trump and he would have been written off as a candidate from the get-go.

Fiorina’s assertion is a classic example of pot calling the kettle black. Her and Trump have similar backgrounds – they are both business elitists and have no political experience. They both say ridiculous things and pander hardcore to a base of extremists. And neither of them will be President of the United States. So it would seem Fiorina is just like Donald Trump – the Kim Kardashian of politics. The comparison would fit better for Fiorina, seeing she’s a woman.

Republicans tried to paint President Obama as the Paris Hilton of politics back in 2008, a sentiment that came back to bite them on election day. It turns out Americans liked Obama because he was sensible, spoke with confidence and assurance. Trump, on the other hand, actually talks like a reality star – at a fourth-grade level.

It seems Fiorina knows she’s going to lose, and now she has no cares left in this political arena. Maybe if she called out Trump for what he really is earlier on she would have been higher in the polls.

Featured image via Gage Skidmore

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