Carly Fiorina Puts Forth Bold, Colorful And Completely Delusional Tax Simplification Plan

Of course, during any conversation between Republicans, there is going to be discussion of taxes, tax cuts, and the United States tax code. Most of these people are complete idiots when it comes to taxes; they talk about tax cuts because it sounds good, but they likely could never make their ideas work in practice. That is, perhaps, especially true of Carly Fiorina, who said that she would bring the United States tax code from 73,000 pages down to three.

Not 3,000, not thirty…. three. Just three. Only three!

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The exchange between her and moderator Carl Quintanilla went like this, per the Washington Post‘s transcript:

FIORINA: Let me just say on taxes, how long have we been talking about tax reform in Washington, D.C.? We have been talking about it for decades. We now have a 73,000-page tax code.

There have been more than 4,000 changes to the tax plan since 2001 alone. There are loads of great ideas, great conservative ideas from wonderful think tanks about how to reform the tax code.

The problem is we never get it done. We have talked about tax reform in every single election for decades. It never happens. And the politicians always say it is so complicated, nobody but a politician can figure it out.

The truth is this, the big problem, we need a leader in Washington who understands how to get something done, not to talk about it, not to propose it, to get it done.

QUINTANILLA: You want to bring 70,000 pages to three?

FIORINA: That’s right, three pages.

QUINTANILLA: Is that using really small type?

FIORINA: You know why three?

QUINTANILLA: Is that using really small type?

FIORINA: No. You know why three? Because only if it’s about three pages are you leveling the playing field between the big, the powerful, the wealthy and the well-connected who can hire the armies of lawyers and accountants and, yes, lobbyists to help them navigate their way through 73,000 pages.

Three pages is about the maximum that a single business owner or a farmer or just a couple can understand without hiring somebody. Almost 60 percent of American people now need to hire an expert to understand their taxes.

“Is that really small type?” Pardon us while we die laughing! Quintanilla’s question was valid.

While it’s true that it’s pretty much impossible to understand the tax code these days, exactly how would she, as president, simplify our tax code so much that it only requires three pages? The House Ways and Means Committee is in charge of writing tax law. They’re the only ones with the authority to do that. The president does not have that authority. So all she could do is beg, plead and cajole Ways and Means to do her bidding so she can fulfill her campaign promise.

A three-page tax code would be a dream, yes, because we could all read it easily, but is it realistic? No. Not at all. Not in the least, unless it’s going to say, “Everybody pays taxes. Here are the tables for the taxes you must pay. End of.” It won’t, and we know it. She ought to know it, too, especially as a former CEO and aspiring U.S. president.

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