Carly Fiorina Just Went Off On A Totally LOONEY Hillary Hate Fest (VIDEO)

Tonite, during the kids’ table debate, Carly didn’t disappoint. Someone mentioned the name “Hillary Clinton” and Carly went into a rant that would rival Sarah Palin after a night in the liquor cabinet. Words really can’t do justice to how badly she went off the rails. If she was a teapot, there would have been steam coming out.

Carly’s obsession with Hillary started recently, when she began to shame Hillary for the fact her husband cheated on her. Carly cheated on her first husband for MONTHS before finally divorcing him to marry the guy she was cheating with. The other guy was married at the time also, so she was the “other woman.”

The rest of the rant sounded like a play-by-play of literally everything that any right winger has said about Hillary since 2008. You just have to see the video to fully appreciate it.

Watch Carly make the best case against her holding the nuclear trigger below:

featured image via video screen capture

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