Carly Fiorina Isn’t The Innocent Outsider – She’s Busy Breaking Election Law

Carly Fiorina has been busy making lots of campaign stops, putting up with being relegated to the kiddie debate on Jan. 14, and painting herself as an outsider who understands what both small-business owners and average Americans want and need from their government. She’s not above corruption, though, just like all those Washington insiders she loves to vilify. It seems she’s illegally coordinating campaign stops with one of her super-PACs.

The super-PAC is called CARLY for America, and they claim that they don’t coordinate anything with her. Under the law, candidates are not allowed to work directly with their super-PACs. They say that Fiorina simply puts up a public calendar and members of the super-PAC look at her calendar and show up.

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The International Business Times says that there are several ways that candidates work with their super-PACs, exploiting loopholes in election law like working on ads, and posing for photos, before announcing their candidacies. Fiorina’s use of a public calendar is also a loophole.

However, the IBTimes says that CARLY for America does handles advance work for her campaign stops. It collects voter information. It manages Eventbrite sites where people register to attend her events. And Fiorina herself is often seen speaking in front of signs bearing the super-PAC’s logo.

(Incidentally, the super-PAC is named CARLY for America because “CARLY” is supposed to be an acronym for Conservative Authentic Response Leadership for You. It’s illegal for super-PACs to use a candidate’s name, so this is how CARLY for America gets around this. Of course, that makes their full name Conservative Authentic Response Leadership for You for America. Maybe there’s supposed to be a comma in there? That’s intentional, and just exploiting yet another loophole in election law.)

IBTimes says that there’s evidence that CARLY for America actively coordinated at least one of Fiorina’s campaign events, and possibly several. For instance, the super-PAC contacted Winthrop University, the site of an event in September, asking questions about the venue. It then received permission for a walkthrough, and got a meeting with a school employee. That employee is no longer working at Winthrop, but supposedly, their departure was unrelated to Fiorina’s event.

No doubt Fiorina herself is aware of this coordination, even if she’s not actively involved in it. If she doesn’t know, then she’s ignorant and she has staffers to fire. Unfortunately, the Federal Election Commission is powerless to do anything, with three Republicans on the panel who believe it’s better not to do anything than it is to try and clean up campaigning in the U.S.

Fiorina tries to act innocent and pure, insofar as politics is concerned. However, she’s just as devious and deceptive and full of lies as every well-established politician she claims to distrust.


Featured image by Gage Skidmore. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Flickr

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